Juniors (ages 7+) / Adults

The Advanced Cycle expands upon the Foundations by focusing on the interrelationships between the individual techniques within a skill set and the links between the four skill sets to each other.

We explore variations that branch off of the fundamental techniques in the Foundations curriculum, and expand our understanding to grasp tactical principles.

Weapons are also studied, and the principles from fundamental skill-sets are applied to this crucial dimension of self-defense.

In class, skill-sets continue to be worked in two week intervals. While new techniques are taught during each interval, an increased focus is given to finding solutions to problems organically, through cooperative and specialized sparring drills.

Ultimately, this cycle will elevate the student’s fighting ability from rifling through a menu of separate techniques, to flowing through a field of possibilities. When this cycle is completed, the student will be able to respond to aggression and violence with spontaneous and effective action.