Juniors (ages 7+) / Adults

“Advanced skill is simply application of the basics.”

The Foundations Cycle develops the fundamental movements and techniques for each of the four major combative skill-sets: stand-up striking, ground fighting vs standing, clinching, and ground grappling. When this cycle of training is complete, you will have the essential knowledge and skills you need for dealing with an attacker.

How we train:

The curriculum functions by rotating through two week intervals on each of the four skill-sets. Every interval trains the postures and movements necessary for optimal delivery of techniques and introduces a new set of techniques for that skill set.

The first week focuses on proper body-mechanics and step-by-step execution of the techniques. The second week integrates the techniques with positional movements in dynamic partner drills and sparring.

The cycle rotates continuously, so new students and more experienced students train together. Once a student has completed their Foundations Cycle, they are ready to move toward higher mastery in the Advanced Cycle.