Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts (ages 15 and up)

Darsana Martial Arts is based on a living set of ideas and training methods, fueled and informed by the philosophy of Yin & Yang (harmonization of complementary forces/aspects).

grantadjust3x4As a student, you will progress through levels of coaching in the application of this principle to the combative landscape. Beginners learn it first in posture and movement, the basics of distance & timing, and the use of force (their’s and their opponent’s). As you progress through higher levels, the principle is applied to the seamless integration of all aspects of hand to hand combat, the understanding of tactics for specific scenarios, and the use of the mind as a tool of combat.

Our training system focuses on the application of principles to solving problems, so teacher and student can work together to develop techniques most suited to the individual, resulting in the creation of a personal art. Making it to black belt means the student has mapped out the combative landscape, complete with main roads, side roads, destination points, and a compass to work through uncharted territory – a way to move, think, and act, no matter the situation.


grantpushhands1-3x4The journey of self-cultivation is endless. Our hope is to light a fire for training that always burns, and a thirst for knowledge that is never quenched.

Aspects of the Curriculum:

  • Striking, with emphasis on specific target areas
  • Trapping/Sticking hands as a primary aspect of close quarters combat
  • Take-downs that use circular and spiraling movements to redirect opponent’s force
  • Chin Na (seizing and tearing), includes joint-locks and other anatomical attacks
  • Ground fighting, with an emphasis on street self-defense
  • Fa Jin: the development of internal power
  • Weapons training designed so that anything in your hands can become a weapon
  • Tactics training for specific self-defense scenarios
  • Meditation techniques to prepare the mind for the chaos of combat