angeltaichi4Tai chi began as a martial art that incorporated into its training the Yin-Yang philosophy of harmonizing opposites, and qigong methods of breathing, movement, and inner awareness. Today, tai chi / qigong is one of the fastest growing ways to reduce stress and promote health and well-being.

Darsana’s tai chi / qigong combines fluid, circular and spiraling movements with breathing and relaxation techniques. These exercises are first practiced as slow, meditative routines which can progress to more vigorous practice to develop strength, cardiovascular fitness, and agility.

Darsana’s tai chi / qigong classes focus on developing understanding and skill in individual movements before graduating to longer routines. Each aspect of breathing, movement, and inner awareness is thoroughly explained to make learning faster and practice more enjoyable and meaningful.

This art embraces a beautiful philosophy that teaches its practitioners how to find and maintain harmony within themselves and in their daily lives.