Our Birthday Parties are fun, action packed events where your child is the star of the show.

We Provide:

  •  A 1½ hour party where all the action is designed specially for you.
  • Our entire facility all to yourselves for you and up to 15 guests.
  • We handle all the set up and clean up so you have all the fun with none of the fuss.
  • We supply pizza, juice, plates, cups, and gift certificates for all.
  • We provide and mail out invitations for up to 15 guests.
  • Your child is an honorary black belt for the day and helps the instructor lead the class.
  • Our black belt instructor will teach a specialized martial arts class that teaches confidence, focus, and the determination to achieve goals.
  • Learn the ancient history and tradition behind the martial arts weapons and get a private demonstration.

At the end, your child gets to help the instructor cut the cake with a samurai sword.

You provide:

  •  Birthday Cake

Guests ready to have an awesome time


  •  $199 – We provide all as listed above
  • $99 –We provide the facility and fun. You provide the rest (cups, plates, napkins, food, drinks, cake, and invitations)