Kung Fu Kids


Kung Fu Kids is a program for boys and girls, ages 3-6, to gain the benefits of martial arts training through Focus, Fitness, and Fun!


Respect, responsibility, discipline, cooperation, listening skills, goal-setting, and concentration are all part of a martial artist’s focus. At Darsana Martial Arts, each class is designed around a theme that teaches children to be confident, productive, and safe.


No other sport or activity combines the various aspects of fitness like martial arts. Balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance are just a few of the physical benefits of Darsana’s Kung Fu Kids program.


At this young age, children are developing their attitudes about themselves and the world around them. If they experience exercise as fun, they will be instilled with a life-long love of physical activity and self-development. With new skill games, team exercises, and obstacle courses in every class, students will be excited about Kung Fu Kids.