Due to COVID-19, we will be training virtually until further notice through the Zoom app (you can create a free account on Zoom.us and input the codes below to enter your class). If you are not already a regular member but want to participate, please call, text or email (954-960-2789 / info@darsanamartialarts.com) before the session to receive access. Thank you for continuing to train with us and stay safe!

Tai Chi – Qigong: Gentle, moving meditation focused on developing a healthy and balanced mind and body.

Chen Taijiquan: Training in the traditional Chen family Taijiquan martial art, including empty-hand and weapon forms, and specialized partner drills, including push-hands.

Combat Applications: Applying Taiji principles to essential skills for self-defense and understanding real world violence.

Mobility Training: Exercises that create functional, three-dimensional flexibility and strength, perfect for martial arts, self-defense, and anything life throws at you.

Integrated Practice: An open class where elements of Taijiquan, Combat Applications, and Mobility Training are mixed.

Kung fu Kids: A martial arts and functional mobility training program for children three to six years old, woven together with important life lessons such as respect, self-control, and safety.

Junior Warriors: A martial arts and functional mobility training program for children seven to fourteen, including monthly virtue themes to develop critical thinking and choice-making skills.