We have now reopened in compliance with all local safety mandates. As excited as we are to see you all again, it’s important that we all stay safe and healthy. We understand that some of our Darsana family may not be ready to return to in-person classes yet, so please inform us of your needs and we will do our best to accommodate. Please call, text or email (954-960-2789 / info@darsanamartialarts.com) before each class so we can ensure small class sizes.

Tai Chi – Qigong: Gentle, moving meditation focused on developing a healthy and balanced mind and body.

Chen Taijiquan: Training in the traditional Chen family Taijiquan martial art, including empty-hand and weapon forms, and specialized partner drills, including push-hands.

Combat Applications: Applying Taiji principles to essential skills for self-defense and understanding real world violence.

Mobility Training: Exercises that create functional, three-dimensional flexibility and strength, perfect for martial arts, self-defense, and anything life throws at you.

Integrated Practice: An open class where elements of Taijiquan, Combat Applications, and Mobility Training are mixed.

Kung fu Kids: A martial arts and functional mobility training program for children three to six years old, woven together with important life lessons such as respect, self-control, and safety.

Junior Warriors: A martial arts and functional mobility training program for children seven to fourteen, including monthly virtue themes to develop critical thinking and choice-making skills.