Juniors Martial Arts

Group1The martial arts have long been a source of confidence, self discipline, and personal growth for its practitioners. The rewards of a journey in the martial arts go beyond its physical benefits; it has the power to instill us with the values and virtues that shape who we are and how we direct our lives.

Darsana Martial Arts is dedicated to offering such an experience to help young people reach their full potential. To accomplish this we provide:

A high quality of instruction using the safest and most effective training methods.

A non-competitive environment where everyone is encouraged to strive for their personal best.


A positive social atmosphere where training together and encouraging each other creates strong bonds of friendship.

The best exercise: combining traditional martial arts training with functional fitness.

Tools for overcoming peer pressure and bullying.

Self-defense training that is specialized to the unique situations faced by each age-group.


Monthly lesson-themes that teach the all-important virtues and values that are at the heart of true martial arts.

Virtue Rewards: students are recognized in front of their peers for excellence in behavior and performance at school, home, and the studio.

We at Darsana Martial Arts believe that nothing is as rewarding, life-enhancing, and transformative as a great experience at a great martial arts school.

Though we feel the benefits are unending, here are a few to consider:




Dedication to the pursuit of one’s own limitless potential.