Grant and Angel Clyman established Darsana Martial Arts to share a vision: that the true nature of martial arts isn’t just about self-defense and fighting, it is a total path of self-development. Ultimately, technique and physical training is merely a vehicle for the mental and spiritual growth that is the true purpose and heart of the martial arts.

The curriculum we teach at Darsana Martial Arts is designed to bring students to the peak of physical ability and martial skill, but its most important function is that each class teaches the qualities of mind and spirit that make every success possible.

Darsana Martial Arts Instructors:



Grant Clyman is the founder and Head Instructor of Darsana Martial Arts.  He is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and has been studying and teaching tai chi / qigong and martial arts for over ten years.  Grant has studied various styles of Chinese martial arts, including wing chun, taijiquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang, and walu.  He has also trained in aikido, judo / juijitsu, and arnis / escrima.

“To me, training in the martial arts is about understanding and integrating principles, then putting the time and effort into applying those principles – over and over.  Cross-integrate your ideas and actions; always edit and refine until you reach a cohesive approach to moving, thinking, and acting, and remember that you always have something to learn.”




Angel Clyman is the co-founder of Darsana Martial Arts.  She has studied a variety of Chinese martial arts, including wing chun, taijiquan, baguazhang, and walu.  Angel has also studied tai chi / qigong and is a certified yoga instructor and prenatal yoga instructor.  Angel is a passionate teacher who takes great joy in helping others realize their fullest potential.