Adult Martial Arts (ages 15 and up)

We teach a full-spectrum system, training in stand-up and ground fighting, striking and grappling, unarmed and armed, with an emphasis on fluidity and seamless transitioning between all aspects.

It is an open system with no specific style bias, continuously investigating and integrating new methods to deepen our knowledge and develop skills universal to fighting and self-defense. Some of our strongest influences include Combat Systema, Chen Taijiquan, and Chinese Boxing Synthesis.

What you will learn:

You’ll begin with essential empty-hand fighting skills in our Foundations Cycle, and progress to modern weapons (defense and utilization) in our Advanced Cycle. Ultimately, you will understand how to use your environment, face multiple opponents, and make virtually any object into a weapon.

You will develop a thorough understanding of bio-mechanics that will allow you to reclaim mobility and make your actions smoother, more effortless, and powerful.

We are reality-based rather than sport-focused, including a deep study of the psychological and situational elements of violence and how to erode fear and tension from the body and mind.

Our school environment is safe, friendly, and supportive, where every student is actively engaged in each others’ growth and development.