Kung fu Kids (ages 3 – 6)

Kung Fu kids is a martial arts program tailored to the unique needs of young children.

It rewards effort and appropriate classroom behavior, allowing children to focus on the fun of learning and overcoming challenges. Students are constantly encouraged and engaged on an individual level to help them discover their personal potential.

This program is based on our Foundations curriculum and prepares the student for more demanding training in the future. Each week teaches a lesson on one of the four physical skills: ground defense, grappling & escapes, open-hand strikes & kicks, and dynamic movement.

A strong emphasis is placed on self-protection rather than fighting, and avoiding future conflicts by making friends. Students are taught to always seek adult assistance when violence erupts. This will help them learn to be confident and assertive, while remaining respectful to peers and adults.

Progressing to the next belt-rank is done by following the four rules of the Kung Fu Kids:
• following directions
• self-control
• looking & listening
• and doing their best

They receive a merit star at the end of each class for following the four rules. Four merit stars earns a stripe, and six stripes earns their next belt. There are seven ranks from white to red stripe. When Kung Fu kids earn their last rank, they are ready to move up to the Juniors Foundations Cycle.