"The word darsana literally means vision […] a worldvision, a view or window to the true nature of the world." - Shankara Bharadwaj Khandavalli


Everything we do is unified through the Taiji lens, the fundamental principle of finding harmony between seemingly oppositional elements. Seeing through this lens not only informs our solutions to physical violence, but provides a potent tool for the resolution of all life's conflicts.



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Tai Chi

Moving Meditation for Total Wellness


  • What is Tai Chi and what will it do for me?

    I’ve been asked by several people what they should expect to get from of their Tai Chi practice, or similarly, how can they track their progress. I find these questions surprisingly difficult to answer. On one hand, the answers are so obvious to me. On the other hand, Tai Chi seems to confound suitable explanations. Still, as I have chosen the profession of Tai Chi teacher, I feel I have a responsibility to articulate what it is, what the practice is aimed at cultivating, and how one can mark their progress. Finally, I hope to encourage you to embark on the long and rewarding journey of Tai Chi practice or at least to give it a try.

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  • Motion over Movements

    Have you ever seen a murmuration of starlings - those little black birds that gather by the hundreds in flocks that swirl, expand, contract, and flow like a living cloud? Scientists who have studied this beautiful and strange dance have come up with various theories to explain it.

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  • The Structure-Balance Relationship: Part 3

    Sinking and Looseness

    Sinking creates a state of body-being that draws intrinsic strength from the earth through the body’s structure: a process called rooting. This state is naturally resilient to force and has a quality of springiness.

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Testimonial Two

Darsana has cultivated the most welcoming, engaging, and authentic atmosphere I’ve ever experienced! More than a workout, this humble Daoist studio gives us a peek into inner peace and real strength.

Emma Q.

Testimonial Five

I have seen great improvement in my daughter’s behavior since she has started this class. She is more confident and little by little breaking out of her shell. She looks forward to class and Sifu is awesome. He teaches with discipline and respect while the students still have fun. Greatly recommend!

Kalia M.

Testimonial Three

I’ve been a Tai Chi student of Grant for a few years now; that alone speaks volumes. More specifically, the obvious depth of his expertise and knowledge reflect his many years of study, reflection, and practice. His teaching style and methods are not only consistent with this eastern philosophy but also remain flexible and most importantly, student-focused.

John S.

Testimonial Four

Both of our children spent years with Sifu Grant Clyman. Sifu exudes patience, empathy, and a true passion for bettering children (in a class spanning ages, temperaments, and skill levels) and their families through kung fu. And somehow all this character-building is disguised by kids having a blast with their super-cool Sifu. On top of this, the program and equipment are extraordinarily reasonably-priced. Again, the Clymans are motivated primarily to build better humans, not to shake down parents. Highly recommended!

Kelly C.

Testimonial One

My son has been training with Sifu Grant since he was 5 years old. He is now 10 and in the Juniors class with other kids who have also been training for a few years. There is a good mix of students in the class so no matter their age or skill level, and they learn something new with each class. I have also been training with Sifu for well over three years and have enjoyed the progress made with Sifu’s help and that of my kung fu brothers and sisters. It is a great environment to train in.

Mike A.


Grant Clyman Founder, Head Instructor

Angel Clyman Co-founder, Programs Director